Dr. Gerhard Huhn

is the the co-founder and CEO of DIE FLOW AKADEMIE Berlin. His work combines theory and practice in a unique way. Already during his law studies he started his training experiences as a Geman teacher in Sweden in 1967. Later  - to finance his studies - he worked for an American directsales company and became Vice President of Sales in Switzerland at the age of 27.

His professional career includes eight years being a lawyer in his own law consulting company, ten years as an independent publisher and now more than 30 years as, coach and management trainer (partly parallel to the other activitites). Since 1992 he worked also as a visiting lecturer at the Maximilian University Munich, the University of Arts Berlin (1992 - 1997), Free University Berlin (1996 until 2007), Technical University Berlin, Bauhaus University in Weimar, Hochschule Offenburg and Karlshochschule, Karlsruhe. Since 1995 close connection and cooperation with  Prof. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Claremont Graduate School. In 2002 he gave a talk about "Flow: Motivation – not Manipulation" at the 1. International Positive Psychology Summit in Washington, D.C. and 2014 Dr. Huhn 2014 gave the laudatory speech when Prof Csikszentmihalyi received the CREO award from the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kreativität.

His subject is the transfer of scientific brain research in connection with Eastern and Western philosophy into daily routines of learning, creativity, self-motivation, leadership and entrepreneurship.  In the business field he has worked with companies like BMW, Kraft Foods, Unilever, Henkel, HeidelbergCement, Vodafone. Pilot Group etc.


I'm actually promoting the work of Eric Taller with his »Thought Elevators« training: http://www.your-hidden-power.de